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Flat Mop Floor Cleaning Mop

Flat Mop Floor Cleaning Mop

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  1. Super absorbent sponge mop, pull the handle and top the mop! No fuss, easy to work!
  2. The handle can be adjusted and the handle can be adjusted to fit your length.
  3.  When you can use this handy mop, why take the risk of pulling your muscles with other short mops! Almost all floors can be used, including wood and laminate.
  4. Can effectively clean hard or uneven surfaces, such as kitchen tiles, which can be used to scrub dry dirt.
  5. Make cleaning more fun, reduce housework, keep your home clean, fresh and sparkling!
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"Proclean" has brought out one of their finest quality PVA mop for those customers who are looking for european standard premium quality mop in a very competitive price!!

This mop is ultra-absorbent, extremely easy to handle including clean up, and most importantly very small space required for storage. It could change your idea of floor cleaning!!!

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