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Stainless Steel Dish Scourers |12 Pcs Pack

Tk 300 Tk 300
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  1. High quality for durable and long-lasting use.
  2. Professional grade stainless steel scourers products for kitchen tough cleaning jobs,
  3. Strong decontamination effect, used for cleaning industry. Idea for pots and pans stainless steel cookware.
  4. Easy to remove dirt and food particles, soft touch does not hurt the hand.
  5. Spiral design, stainless steel wire slender and tight, good texture and thick durable.
  6. Ideal for clean the kitchen, stainless steel scourer brush kitchen cleaning tools for pans, grills, pot, dish washing no trace.
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  • COPPER COATED SCOURERS TAKES CARE OF BUSINESS: Stainless Steel removes grease from your kitchenware, utensils and cooking appliances. These metal mesh dish scrubbers are a must-have tool for every household.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: These steel wool like scrubbers will clean heavy duty dirt while being gentle on your hands. They will make tough scrubbing a lot easier.
  • THEY WON’T RUST OR SMELL BAD: You’ve probably already tried those other scouring pads that rust and fall apart after one or two uses. Our strong scourer sponge will never rust, or have a bad odor like many sponges and dishcloths. Just make sure to wash them in your sink with soapy water after each use.
  • UNIQUE FLEXIBLE DESIGN THAT CLEANS AMAZING: Watch how you’ll remove all types of dirt using our scourers, while avoiding the dirt particles from getting caught between them. You’ll love them and wonder how you ever lived without them!

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