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JADE হেলথ ম্যাসাজ শু- XH4001

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 Helps the body naturally interact directly in facilitating the disposal of substances that are not useful.
* Generating infrared rays of jade stone helps disinfect and help reduce the heat, and membanu accelerate the digestive system.
* Helps accelerate cell regeneration and tackle difficult problems sleeping.
* Expedite the circulatory system and speed up the body’ s metabolism.
* Help activate the oxygen in the body and in the blood circulation
* Reduce the increase in damaged cells in the body and stimulates the growth of new cells in the body
* Enhance the immune system against disorders of various diseases, such as liver, ulcers, diabetes, stroke, gout, high blood pressure, prostate, hypo-tension, vertigo, migraines, shortness of breath, pneumonia, urinary stones, tuberculosis, kidney, varicose veins , flu, arthritis, impotence, and a variety of other diseases.

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